Kip is an Australian term meaning nap. Kip Sacs provide a child with the same warmth, security, and comfort that a joey (a baby kangaroo) feels within it’s mother’s pouch. Kip Sacs are indoor sleeping bags designed to snuggle in during Naptime, Movietime, Storytime - Anytime!
Kip Sacs are machine washable and made with pill-resistant, quality fleece. Like a favorite blanket, a Kip Sac gets cozier and softer with age!
Kip Sacs are perfect for pajama parties, grandma’s house, summer cottages by the sea or cabins on the lake. They’re great for daycare, long drives or plane trips, overnight boating adventures or for just cuddling at home with a good book!



~Each set is wrapped with an ivory satin ribbon for a warm, homemade presentation!

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