The Origins of Whistling Chimneys

People often ask where the name Whistling Chimneys came from.  Whistling Chimneys is the name of an old farmhouse in Quonochontaug, Rhode Island.   Quonnie, as its known to the locals, is  a magical place where I was fortunate to have lived for six years.  While living in Quonnie, Id often run past Whistling Chimneys.  Id glance up at the name posted along side the road and imagine myself cuddled in front of a fireplace while the wind whistled its tunes down the chimney.  

The company logo of the whistling beach houses, is the result of an old photograph taken on Dowd Beach (located in Quonnie) back in the early 1920s.  I lived on Dowd Beach in a beach cottage that survived three hurricane and one hundred years before being torn down.  The original houses in the logo are long gone due to a fire that destroyed all the houses back in 1927.  In time, the houses were rebuilt.  Today, the beach looks very much as did back in 1927.    

~ Theresa



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