Are there any other color combinations
besides what's shown on the site?

Not at this time.
Additional patterns will be added as 'Kip the little Roo' series unfolds.

Can I purchase individual pieces in the set?

Kip Sacs currently come in gift sets only.

Will Kip ever find his mother?

The Kip series will take Kip through Australia in search of his mother where he will share unique experiences with everyone he meets! In each book, Kip always finds a way to help an animal or a person. Eventually, Kip will be reunited with his mother. When or where, one can only guess—no telling—it's a secret. One thing's for certain - the ending is sure to delight children and adults!

Are Kip Sacs for adults?

Kip Sacs are for kids of all ages, 3—83! However, we currently sell Kip Sacs in one size – wallaby (medium). We look forward to extending the Kip Sac line to satisfy teenagers and adults. Imagine yourself cuddled in your own soft, cozy Kip Sac? You'll no longer have to borrow your child's Kip Sac….or your grandchild's!

How do I exchange or return and item?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return any unused Kip Sac Set to the establishment where it was purchased within 30 days for a refund or store credit. For returns purchased from the Kip Sac online store the same policy applies. Please return items from our online store to the following address:

Whistling Chimneys
3 High Point Road
Scarborough, Maine


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